If you have been convicted of a crime that leads to confiscation proceedings then you need expert proceeds of crime solicitors on your case. The prosecution can say your wealth has come from a criminal lifestyle and apply to the court to confiscate assets you own. They will want to confiscate not just the money they say you made as a result of your crime(s), but want to investigate all the money and assets you have. These will include your home, cars, and bank accounts; furthermore, if you don’t have the funds to pay you can be sent to prison in default and still owe the money on your release which will remain a debt you owe until the day you die. In confiscation proceedings it is your duty to prove that the assets and money you own did not come from criminal activity.

I will hold your hand during these complex investigations and recommend the best POCA lawyers who are at the top of their game in order to minimise the financial impact on your assets and future lifestyle.