“If you believe you’ve been wrongly convicted, then appeal”

I work on a Pro-bona basis in this department. With over forty years experience battling against our judicial system I have considerable knowledge in all areas of civil and criminal proceedings. I guide clients through the complex legalities and immediately identify the central issues that need resolving in order to achieve a successful outcome. I’ve worked with the best legal brains money can buy, and I’ve worked with the worst.

I’ve also done what no member of our legal profession as ever done. I’ve exposed corruption at the Court of Criminal Appeals; corruption orchestrated by that ‘inner circle of judges’ – whose only function is to uphold the reputation of the British judicial system. I can tell you without doubt that our ‘world renowned’ judiciary – is no more than a sham.

I’ve exposed crooked police officers, crooked lawyers, and bent barristers. These include junior barristers, senior barristers, and yes, bent QCs. I’ve expose corrupt judges of every rank and file who preside over our Crown and Appeal Courts, but most of all; I’ve exposed corruption right at the heart of the Lord Chancellor’s department leading all the way to the office of The Lord Chief Justice.

I have a network of lawyers who specialise in appeals against conviction. I will review your case and offer advice. I will then recommend lawyers who will fight you’re corner like an underdog in a world title fight.